Sustainable Superfoods: Vegan Caviar

January 2, 2018


Now, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. There is a new sustainable superfood on the scene that is set to take over the world. Okay, perhaps not takeover per se, but it’s doing more than just upgrading our menu. This vegan-worthy food is being used in everything from biodegradable and edible packaging to beauty products to biofuels. So, what is it?

Can You Guess What It Is!?

Well this super, eco-saving, world-appreciating, salty goodness, coming to a plate near you, is..... seaweed. Yes, that’s right, seaweed farming exists and it’s harvesting a lot of money! New companies such as Evoware, in Indonesia, have created seaweed-based packaging to support our environmentally friendly lifestyle. The Lonely Planet also reported that seaweed is set to be used in creating an environmentally-friendly sunscreen. Furthermore, it’s been reported by PBS that the U.S’s Department of Emergency has invested a whopping $22million into developing tools for large-scale seaweed production as a biofuel.

Mmm, miso-hungry!

Seaweed has been used in Japan for a long time. In fact, seaweed was valued so much in Japan that you used to be able to use it to pay your taxes. Seaweed comes in a variety forms and is already seen in a lot of dishes. For example, Nori, typically seen on sushi, is a variety of seaweed that is chopped and dried. Wakame, another Japanese favorite, is used in salads and soups. Want to add depth of flavor to broth? Throw in a sheet of Kombu!
Seaweed superfoods are not only saving the planet but are packed full of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, copper, iodine, iron and magnesium. Here at SideChef, we love things that are good for us and the planet and have the best recipes to prove it.

Salad with a Twist

Seaweed Salad

Pickled Plum

The combination of rice vinegar, soy, mirin, and dashi has a strange addictive effect on my palate. Pour this mix over creamy, silken tofu and the mineral taste of seaweed and I’m grinning from ear to ear.

Get the Ball Rolling

Salmon and Seaweed Rice Ball

Roots Community Supported Agriculture

These rice balls make a delicious, healthy meal! Perfect for a snack or packing for lunch.

Sushi Me Rollin'

Sweet Potato Quinoa Sushi with Spicy Mayo

Lemons and Basil

These Sweet Potato Quinoa Sushi Rolls with Spicy Mayo are the perfect fix for your sushi craving--ready in 30 minutes and within the comfort of your own home!

Super Smoothie

Spirulina + Apple Smoothie

Al Dente Gourmet

One of my favorite superfoods is Spirulina, a type of microalgae that serves as a great natural multivitamin with high levels of protein, iron, vitamin B, chlorophyll, and antioxidants.

Hopeless Ramentic

Vegan Ramen

The Edgy Veg

This vegan recipe is so close to the real thing that you will never go back to missing ramen soup again! Using miso and kombu to achieve the authentic flavor, and lots of seitan and vegan egg as toppings, this dish will not disappoint!

DIY Noodles

Soba Noodles Chirashi

Pickled Plum

This soba noodles chirashi-style dish is fun to eat as you get to build your own bowl of noodles with toppings of your choice.

Single-Pot Soup

Miso Soup Meal

My Second Breakfast

This vegan one-pot meal contains rich miso broth, protein-rich edamame, flavorful and filling soba noodles, and fresh green and orange vegetables.

Udon't Wanna Miss This

Veggie Miso Udon Soup

Produce on Parade

A simple (and vegan!) miso broth with bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, soft tofu, and udon noodles.

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