Mardi Gras Hangover Cures

It happens to the best of us--a night out, a few too many cocktails, and a morning-after filled with splitting headaches and a complete lack of motivation. But playing hard on Mardi Gras doesn't mean you can skip working hard the next day. Speed up your recovery with these tips and tricks!

January 2, 2020

You'll definitely need these tips.

Even if we go in with the best intentions, it's so easy to have one-too-many drinks on Fat Tuesday. And we all know that being hungover at work is the worst. Every meeting seems to drag on forever and sometimes the smell of our co-worker's lunch is enough to make us feel nauseous. So here are some tips to help you before you take on the party, as well as some tips on how to survive the next day. God speed!

1. Hydrate

This is a tip you've definitely heard before, and that's because it WORKS. We understand that after a few GnT's you might forget, but chugging some water between each drink works wonders. Between every drink, ask for a glass of water and chug it down. When your body is able to stay hydrated, the hangover the next day is more than bearable.

2. Dance!

You may be surprised to learn about this one, but it's supposedly true! When you dance, you're burning calories, which helps you take in the alcohol more efficiently. So if you want to avoid the hangover, break out in dance! (Dancing well is optional.)

3. Avoid an Empty Stomach

This goes without saying, but you really should enjoy a good meal before you start pounding the tequila. Combining protein and healthy fats is a winner.

Here are some great recipes to try!

Healthy Fats

Creamy Salmon Pasta

The Fit Mediterranean

Salmon is a great source of Omega-3 and can help absorb the alcohol. Add in the pasta for extra absorption and to make it more filling!

Good Protein

Mexican Style Tofu Scramble

Food Galley Gab

This tofu scramble is a great meatless option for a strong combo of healthy protein and fats.

If you're in a rush...

Maple Granola

Olive and Artisan

Grab some granola and yogurt. You'll get your carbs, protein, and fat, and the yogurt can help alleviate stomach problems the next day.

4. Pick your Poison

There's some science behind this, but basically, try sticking to "colorless" drinks such as vodka, gin, and rum. They have lower levels of "congeners," which are what give the worst hangovers!

5. The Next Day

If you didn't follow any of the above tips the night before and today you're hating yourself for it (we've all been there), don't worry, there are a couple of things you can do that will help!


Black Charcoal Lemonade

The Edgy Veg

If you have activated charcoal pills, take those before bed. But if you didn't do that, then you can drink it. It should help soak up the alcohol pretty efficiently and leave you with a clearer head.

6. Sleep It Off

If you're lucky enough to be experiencing your hangover at home, then try sleeping it off. It won't cure everything, but at least you won't be consciously dealing with the symptoms!

Good Luck!

We hope you try some of these tips and that they help with the hangover. If not, just remember that you'll only feel this way for one day. Unless you're over the age of 25...then you'll feel this way for at least two.

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