Gout Friendly Meal Plan

Gout is a lot more common than you’d expect, affecting an estimated 8.3 million Americans. Your diet can play an important part in relieving joint pain caused by gout.

Kiley at SideChef
May 29, 2019

Got Gout?

There are three ways diet can affect your management of gout. A gout diet supports a healthy body weight, avoids some foods with purines, and incorporates foods that can control uric acid levels. According to Mayo Clinic, a gout diet should include complex carbs, low fat, and lean protein. Check out our two full day meal plans to kick off your gout diet.

Day 1: Breakfast

Ten Minute Stovetop Granola

Katie Unger

Whip up some homemade granola for a clean breakfast option. Top it with fresh fruit for a boost of vitamins and healthy carbs.

Day 1: Lunch

Roasted BBQ Veggie and Avocado Sandwich

Lemons and Basil

With hearty whole grain bread and several tasty veggies, your body will be thanking you for the clean energy. Opt for low-fat cheese if possible.

Day 1: Dinner

Salmon Quinoa Bowl with Kale


Salmon is a great protein option for a gout diet. This dinner bowl is swarming with healthy ingredients like chickpeas and quinoa, and is topped with always-delicious tahini.

Day 2: Breakfast

Cherry Berry Chia Jam

Live Eat Learn

With only a few ingredients (that don’t include gelatin!), you will be oh-so pleased to spread this delicious jam on your whole wheat toast. What’s more--eating cherries is associated with reduced risk of gout attack.

Day 2: Lunch

Chicken Shawarma


Lean chicken is a great source of protein for those with gout. We’d suggest wrapping up all this deliciousness in a whole wheat tortilla to ensure you are getting whole grains. Enjoy unique flavors like pomegranate, and familiar flavors of garlic and lemon.

Day 2: Dinner

Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Vegetables


This pasta recipe is absolutely irresistible with complex flavors complementing the nutty whole wheat pasta. It’s completely vegetarian and doesn’t take long to cook up.

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