5-Day Low-Carb Meal Plan

October 17, 2018

Low Carb, High Fat

Sometimes people think that if you're trying to lose weight, then that means cheese, or just any kind of fat, is off the menu. But that's not the case! Add these 5 low-carb, high fat dinners to your meal plan and feel the benefits!


These meatballs can be prepped on Sunday. Make an extra big batch that you can freeze and use again later in the week. (You can also use frozen meatballs- I'm not here to judge.)


If you don't have the needed spices at home for these Low-Carb Chicken 'Nachos' then just use any kind of seasoning you have at home, like taco seasoning.


This Lemon and Rosemary Roast Chicken makes a great packed lunch for the next day if you have any leftovers. Save leftover wine for Friday's dinner.


Freshen up your week with this Tuna White Bean Puttanesca! If you have leftover chicken you could always swap this in for the tuna if you'd like and if you don't like white beans, then chickpeas are a great substitute!


This dinner looks unhealthy, but it's not! Low-carb, high fat, just how the keto gods intended life to be. You can use Monday's leftover meatballs and it's also where you make use of Wednesday's leftover wine- drink up, it's Friday!

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