Adult & Kid Sandwiches

Sandie at SideChef
August 1, 2019

From the moment we laid hands on it in our weekday lunch boxes, a good hearty sandwich has been an essential part of our foodie lives. Since then though, our tastes have been refined and broadened to include a larger variety of ingredients. The kids can still discover the classics for the first time while the grown ups can enjoy a more refined version.

The PB and J

We all love the classic P + J sandwich, but if you’re looking for a more elevated version, try making your own homemade jam, like this Red Berry Chia Jam. Or swap out the jam entirely and use fruit, like in our Grilled Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwich.

The Grilled Cheese

There is a lot of debate about what makes a perfect grilled cheese. But one thing’s for sure, this simple savory sandwich keeps you coming back year after year. The true classic is a no fuss recipe: simple Pullman bread with American cheese. Make this “End of the Month” Grilled Cheese for the kiddos.

The cheese possibilities are endless, so experiment with different varieties to enhance the flavors and dining experience. For a more upgraded grilled cheese, check out this Emmental & Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese on for size.

The Turkey Sandwich

Turkey sandwiches, a lunchtime staple, are not just made from cold cuts anymore. As great as those are, sometimes you want a little something extra to take the sandwich to the next level. Enter in the Harissa Avocado and Turkey Panini, featuring homemade bread lathered in Harissa and loaded with avocado, turkey and Muenster cheese!

The Ham and Cheese

Cheese makes another appearance in yet another sandwich, because cheese makes everything better. Sliced bread, sliced cheese, and sliced cooked ham are all you need, as this recipe is quick and easy to prepare. This sandwich is great cold or hot and, like the others, can be combined with a lot of other great ingredients. For a ham and cheese sandwich that both kids and adults can enjoy, check out SideChef’s 7-Layer Ham and Cheese Cake. It’s pretty on the outside and delicious on the inside.

The Ice Cream Sandwich

So, technically, you can’t pack this sandwich in your lunch bag but we thought we’d throw it in just for fun. You enjoyed them from the grocery store or the ice cream truck, now, make these Ice Cream Sandwiches with the kids and continue the tradition.

While you’re making lunches for the kids, think of making one for yourself too. Check out the app and be inspired by all the lunch possibilities. SideChef is where everyone’s sandwich dreams come true.

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