Family-Friendly Meal Plan

Even the pickiest eaters around the dinner table won't be able to resist these diverse, super savory dishes, sure to keep everyone happy throughout the week!

February 13, 2019

Family Time

This meal plan is great if you're looking to spruce up your usual weeknight meals. I know that sometimes getting everyone in the family to agree on one dish can be difficult, but I'm confident that everyone will love these recipes! It's also easy to swap in or out ingredients depending on what you have at home.


This recipe has been added to so many cookbooks for a reason! The marinade for this chicken can be made ahead of time, so all you have to do on the night is whack it all into the oven. Serve with your favorite mixed greens.


Taco Tuesdays are a fun way to keep things simple. You can make it even easier by making this Taco Salad. Everyone can pick and choose what goes in their own taco bowl so everyone's happy! Feel free to swap out the ground beef for any leftover chicken you have from last night.


This recipe takes a little bit longer to cook, but it's all thrown into one pot so it couldn't be easier to make. If you make a little extra it makes for a killer packed-lunch.


This Mac n Cheese is a little different; it's made in a sheet pan and uses an addictive layer of garlicky, herbed and buttered breadcrumbs. It's a serious crowd pleaser!


We made it to Friday! Tonight's dinner is fresh, simple and all cooked in one dish. Serve it with the veg of your choice and some coconut rice if you're feelin' fancy!

Let me know how it goes! Happy Planning!

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