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Cool Off With 9 Summer Drinks From Our Culinary Partners

A roundup of 9 refreshing summer drinks from our amazing culinary partners
Cool Off With 9 Summer Drinks From Our Culinary Partners
Cool Off With 9 Summer Drinks From Our Culinary Partners
Jacqueline Pan
My excitement for tech, noodles, and desserts brought me to SideChef!
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Jacqueline Pan
My excitement for tech, noodles, and desserts brought me to SideChef!
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Searching for new inspiration this summer? Looking for some summer drinks to cool off? Well, look no further! For this roundup, we’ve included 9 food bloggers and their summer drinks that we think you will enjoy. Our partners come from diverse backgrounds and specialize in different crafts, so we think that you will be able to meet a new blogger and find a new recipe you have yet to try.

Summer Peach Frosé by Amee’s Savory Dish

A certified fitness trainer, athlete, recipe developer, and author, Amee Livingstone is a true fitness and health aficionado. Her blog Amee’s Savory Dish is a hub for healthy Southern-inspired recipes, but you can also find the occasional treat. Try her Summer Peach Frose recipe!


Frozen Summer Peach Frosé

Amee's Savory Dish

“This peach frosé recipe (aka frozen Rosé) is like summer in a glass made with fresh ripe peaches and a good quality bottle of Rosé wine and frozen in an ice cream maker. It's the perfect refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day. Cheers!”

- Amee’s Savory Dish

Triple Citrus Matcha Lemonade by ful-filled

Bella from ful-filled seeks to bring fulfillment to your food, health, and life. You can find a blend of breathtaking recipes and inspiring humanitarian work on her blog. Create magic with Bella by making her Triple Citrus Matcha Lemonade.


Triple Citrus Matcha Lemonade


“The brightness of lemon, the sweetness of orange & the slight bitterness of lime combine with matcha’s aromatic grassy notes for the most incredible glass of lemonade”

- ful-filled

Pina Colada Sangria by Chelsea PeachTree

A vegetarian chef in the kitchen since a young age, Chelsea is your go-to gal for easy and yummy vegan and cocktail recipes. Her blog Chelsea PeachTree aims to help people whip up tasty vegan meals using ingredients available in your kitchen. Shake up one of her amazing cocktails!


Piña Colada Sangria

Chelsea Peachtree

“This refreshing Pina Colada Sangria is a fun twist on a true classic. Who does not want to celebrate the summer in a glass? One sip of this refreshing Pina Colada, and you will feel like you’re in the tropics”

- Chelsea PeachTree

Mango Pineapple Smoothie by Elise Tries to Cook

Elise is a California food blogger who focuses on eating clean, fast, and full. On her blog Elise Tries to Cook, you can always find high-quality meal and drink recipes with a Californian coastal twist! Blend up her Pineapple Mango Smoothie to cool off in the afternoon.


Healthy Mango Pineapple Smoothie

Elise Tries to Cook

“This vegan Pineapple Mango Smoothie recipe is tropical, creamy, and delicious! Only four simple, fresh ingredients blend together for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack!”

- Elise Tries to Cook

Raspberry Sangria by Marley’s Menu

A food and sustainability queen, Marley from Marley’s Menu uses her blog to advocate for delicious and sustainable cooking. Her diverse range of recipes and environmental tips are both worth a read. Make her Raspberry Sangria recipe.


Raspberry Sangria

Marley's Menu

“Looking for a fresh way to level up your red wine? This Raspberry Sangria is vibrant and refreshing, and with the special touch of homemade raspberry simple syrup, will be sure to impress! Utilizing fresh fruit and citrus, you should be warned that this delicious drink is almost too easy to sip on!”

- Marley’s Menu

Citrus Kombucha Mezcal Cocktails by Cotter Crunch

If you are looking for great recipes to keep you packed and active throughout the day, head to Cotter Crunch by Lindsay. A nutritionist passionate about Sport Nutrition and Gluten-Free diets, Lindsay has created a wide selection of superfoods, allergy-friendly, anti-inflammatory and recovery meals, and more. Mix up her packing cocktail recipe below!


Citrus Kombucha Mezcal Cocktails

Cotter Crunch

“This Citrus Kombucha Mezcal cocktails recipe is one of my most made drink recipes in the Cotter household. A healthy cocktail that adds a probiotic punch! Ditch the sugary cocktails with refined juice and syrups and make kombucha your mixer instead.”

-Cotter Crunch

Bee’s Knees by Little Figgy

With passions for food, travel, and photography, Stacey is the brains behind Little Figgy, a blog that allows you to travel around the world through food. You can indulge in unique flavors from all around the world with her recipes. Travel back in time with her Bee’s Knees cocktail.


Bees Knees

Little Figgy

“Drinks like the Bee’s Knees cocktail are a perfect example of a delicious prohibition recipe that’s still relevant today. With just three ingredients, you can whip up this classic cocktail and be transported back in time”

- Little Figgy

Kiwi Bellini with Mint by Proportional Plate

Candice began her blog Proportional Plate to help people to eat guilt-free and encourage her audience to create their own food journey. You can find inspiration for meals through her many plants and global fusion recipes which interweaves her multicultural experiences. Taste her Kiwi Bellini with Mint recipe!


Kiwi Bellini with Mint

Proportional Plate

“In need of a delicious festive drink? Meet the Kiwi Bellini with Mint…crisp, fresh, and sparkling with fun. It’s a kiwi twist on the classic Bellini, and I use prosecco and mint for a crisp, fruity-fresh taste. I love the simple elegance of this cocktail - give one of these a try, and it’ll be so refreshing that I promise you won’t be able to have just one…”

- Proportional Plate

Watermelon Mint Lime Agua Fresca by Eating by Elaine

If you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, Elaine from Eating By Elaine can help you gain confidence in the kitchen. A mom and health specialist, Elaine creates wholesome and allergy-conscious food content for everyone. Try her Watermelon Mint Lime Agua Fresca recipe!

- Eating By Elaine

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