Keto Meal Plan Ideas

Some say that 'keto' is just a fun word for 'hungry'. But that doesn't have to be the case, and I'm here to show that you can have filling meals without the carbs.

May 29, 2019

You Can Do It!

Meal planning can be tough at times, especially if you're following a specific diet. Here are some dishes that would be great to include in your next meal prep- they're pretty easy, forgiving (meaning you can add in or omit any ingredients you like!) and they hold well in the fridge.

My advice would be to pick and choose what you like, and go with that. The key here is to re-use what you have when you can. For example, if you're making the Breakfast Sausages, use the mince in those to create your Mexican Wraps, and then you can also use the lettuce as part of your side salad for the chicken. See what I did there?! Let's go!


Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast Casserole

Simple. Tasty. Good.

This is the perfect breakfast because you can make it all in one go, divide it up, and just heat it up when you're ready to eat. (It can also be eaten cold!)

Healthy Homemade Breakfast Sausages

Healthy Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Where Your Treasure Is

These juicy suckers are a perfect way to get your mornings started. Eat them on their own or in a lettuce wrap and you've got a quick breakfast. Top with cheese if you're feeling cheeky.


Mexican Lettuce Wraps

Mexican Lettuce Wraps

Where Your Treasure Is

These are quick, fresh and very easy to bring along for lunch. Keep the filling and lettuce separate and then assemble when ready. These can be filled with any leftover mince from your breakfast sausages and then topped with cheese.

Seared Salmon

Perfectly Seared Salmon


If you're feelin' like some fish, sear some salmon fillets and pair with a side salad.


Stuffed Jalapenos

Stuffed Jalapeños

StreetSmart Kitchen

This recipes uses lot's of ingredients we've already seen in the other dishes, like cheese and mince. Don't be afraid to substitute recipes when needed,,for example swapping turkey mince for beef mince. You can also use bell peppers instead of jalapeños if you want a more filling dinner.

Roast Chicken With Salad

Classic Roast Chicken


Classic roast chicken. Easy to make and even easier to eat. Chop it up and you can take it with you for lunch, paired with the stuffed avocado, for example. You can't go wrong!

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