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Self-Quarantine Nutrition Tips, Says W.H.O.?

With COVID-19 changing eating practices we have some recipes based on tips from the World Health Organization.
Self-Quarantine Nutrition Tips, Says W.H.O.?
Self-Quarantine Nutrition Tips, Says W.H.O.?
Welcome to SideChef's original recipes. Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation is a way of life.
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Welcome to SideChef's original recipes. Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation is a way of life.

"Good nutrition is crucial for health, particularly in times when the immune system might need to fight back. Limited access to fresh foods may compromise opportunities to continue eating a healthy and varied diet. It can also potentially lead to an increased consumption of highly processed foods, which tend to be high in fats, sugars and salt. Nonetheless, even with few and limited ingredients, one can continue eating a diet that supports good health." - World Health Organization

Check out these tips from the Who's WHO of health along with our recommendations of the perfect recipes to make to get through self-quarantine.

Lower Your Intake of Salt and Sugar

In many countries, 50–75% of the salt intake comes from the foods we eat.

Avoid adding extra salt when cooking and to your meals at the table. Try adding fresh or dried herbs and spices for added flavor instead.

Bomb Bolognese


Butternut Squash Bolognese

A Fork's Tale

This Low Carb Bolognese Recipe is served over sliced roasted butternut squash. It is so delicious that you will not miss the pasta. You will be amazed how well the sweet, soft roasted butternut squash is complimented with the salty, rich Bolognese sauce.

Its Your Jam


Low-Sugar Orange Jam

The Fit Mediterranean

Spread this Orange Jame on toast or use it baking, this jam is going to make you fall in love.

An Impasta


No-Noodle Lasagna


This low carb lasagna is a warm, cheesy and hearty dish is without noodles!

Keep Alcholic Drinks to a Minimum

The WHO suggests limiting alcoholic beverages as it undermines your body’s ability to cope with infectious disease, including COVID-19.

Our great list of mocktails can curb those cocktail cravings!

Sparkling Surprise


Sparkling Blood Orange Mocktail with Turmeric

Jessica Gavin

A refreshing sparkling blood orange mocktail recipe packed with healthy nutrients. Each sip infuses turmeric, ginger, fresh squeezed juice, mint, and rosemary.

Ginger and Tonic


Turmeric Ginger Tonic

The Fit Mediterranean

This turmeric and ginger tonic is a golden pick me up! It’s easy to make, just calls for a few simple ingredients, and it tastes delicious. Be​ ​extra​ ​careful​ ​when​ ​using fresh​ ​turmeric​ ​- ​it​ ​will​ ​stain​ ​hands,​ ​counters,​ ​and​ ​containers. So always wear disposable gloves!

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Fiber contributes to a healthy digestive system and keeps you feeling full, preventing you from overeating.

Fiber Optics


Naturally Sweetened Dairy Free Raisin Bran Muffins

Berry Sweet Life

These healthy, easy, and super delicious muffins are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Power Pancakes


Apple Spice Pancakes with Raspberry Compote

Joyous Health

These pancakes are a great source of fiber, good fat and protein. Plus, you’ll get an extra hit of fiber and antioxidants from the raspberries.

Cook as a Family

More time spent at home is giving everyone new opportunities to share meals together.

"Family meals are an important opportunity for parents to be role models for healthy eating, and for strengthening family relationships", says the W.H.O.

Here are some meals you can make together.

Kid-Friendly Quesadillas


Chicken & Broccoli Quesadilla

Step Stool Chef

In this Chicken & Broccoli Quesadilla recipe, not only will we show you step-by-step instructions for your little chef but we will also share how to make it using a toaster oven! Plus, this recipe for is a great way to add veggies in a way kids will enjoy.

Chicken Soup for the Quarantined Soul


Kids Chicken Soup with Baguette


The traditional chicken noodle soup dates back when Campbell’s first introduced the ‘Chicken with Noodles’ soup in 1934. Although not confirmed that it completely cures the common cold, the chicken noodle soup does help reduce flu-like symptoms!

Keep your eyes out for more of our home cooking tips here on SideChef. Learn everything from freezer friendly tips to what you can make with all those pantry items you have in your kitchen.

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