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Easy Refined Sugar-Free Desserts

These healthy dessert recipes don't skimp on flavor, which leaves you free to enjoy them without all the repercussions of a refined sugar overload!
Beverly at SideChef
Always saving room for dessert!
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Beverly at SideChef
Always saving room for dessert!

No Refined Sugar Here!

We'd spend all day eating desserts if we could, but too much refined sugar in your diet comes with plenty of drawbacks, like mood swings, acne, and increased blood pressure. But don't despair! These delicious recipes, free of refined sugar, get rid of the guilt and let you snack on sweets to your heart's content.

Duck, Duck, Mousse


Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Aquafaba and Almond milk

Alexandra's Kitchen

Melted chocolate, almond milk, and Aquafaba make the lightest-textured chocolate mousse. What’s more, it comes together so quickly!

Just Pudding it Out There


Winter Citrus Coconut Chia Pudding


Having little jars of coconut chia pudding prepped in the refrigerator is a total game-changer. The chia pudding takes all of five minutes to make and keeps so well in the fridge, which means that a healthy, satisfying snack is at your fingertips all of the time!

Brain Freeze


Frozen Berry Yogurt Bark

Milk & Cardamom

A quick dessert/breakfast/healthy snack recipe using only a few simple ingredients. This awesome dish takes very little time to throw together, and then just needs to be frozen overnight.

Bliss Balls


Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bliss Balls

My Plantiful Cooking

These Quinoa Hazelnut Chocolate Bliss Balls are sweet and fudgy, the perfect vegan treat to have on hand. All you need are 30 minutes and a few simple ingredients. They make a great post-workout snack!

Save the Date


Healthy Date Brownies

Jeanie and Lulu's Kitchen

These Healthy Date Brownies have such fantastic and decadent flavor and texture. They are perfect for indulging without guilt! The dates and honey are a great replacement for refined sugar and the almond flour makes them gluten-free!

Smart Cookie


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hummus

Live Eat Learn

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dessert Hummus is a fast, healthy, and gluten-free way to indulge in your cookie dough craving!

A-Mousse Your Bouche


Chocolate Avocado Mousse


This chocolate avocado mousse combines healthy, natural ingredients to make for a dessert that is simple to make and absolutely delicious.

Bananas for Bread


No Sugar-Added Banana Bread


Healthy delicious banana bread with no sugar. You do not need added sugar when you use your deliciously ripe bananas!

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