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Viva La Pizza!

Ordering a hot pizza may not be in the cards, but doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice slice at home!
Viva La Pizza!
Viva La Pizza!
Beverly Ng at SideChef
Marketer at SideChef. I firmly believe that pastries and spicy food are the keys to my happiness. 🧁🌶
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Beverly Ng at SideChef
Marketer at SideChef. I firmly believe that pastries and spicy food are the keys to my happiness. 🧁🌶

Learn the basics of creating your own pizza at home and enjoy all the new ways you can enjoy it again and again.

The pizza crust is a make-or-break element to any good pizza

All pizza dough starts with the same basic ingredients:

  • Warm water - There are no eggs or milk in pizza dough, just water!

  • Yeast - Instant yeast or active dry yeast both works well.

  • Sugar - Sugar is important to help activate the yeast and keep the dough tender.

  • Salt - A healthy spoonful of salt is essential for flavoring the pizza dough.

  • Oil - Not only will olive oil help tenderize and flavor the dough, brush it on top to create a golden crust.

  • Flour - All-purpose white flour is perfect for homemade pizza dough. You can also use bread flour for a chewier texture, or Caputo Tipo 00 for a thin crust pizza.

Dry Run


Pizza Dough with Dry Yeast

Vincenzo's Plate

This technique to make the best pizza dough is using dry yeast. Not only will it make life easier, it tastes just as delicious and will help you make your dough consistently every single time!

Easy Peas-y


Easy Peasy Pizza Dough

Live Eat Learn

This Homemade Pizza Dough recipe is so easy and makes the best, fluffiest pizza dough!

Pizza Toppings

You can't go wrong with classic pepperoni, but sometimes, you just gotta try these fun new ideas to create perfect pizzas at home.

Steel a Piece


Baking Steel Margherita Pizza

Alexandra's Kitchen

This baking steel pizza has a crispy crust that balloons and blisters on the outer edge. Try this pizza recipe and see for yourself!

Reinvent Dinner


Mushroom Marsala Pizza

A Hint of Rosemary

Do you like chicken marsala and pizza? What better than combining the two and you get mushroom marsala pizza! Delicious and perfect for a family dinner night.

Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner


Quick and Easy Pizza

Cooking with Tovia

Let’s make pizza, quick and easy with only 10 minutes rise time for the pizza crust. You’ll have dinner on the table in no time.

Yes You'll Love It, Sam I am


Green Eggs and Ham Grilled Pizza


Grilled pizza topped with bacon, pesto, and egg showered with cheese. An upscale twist on a delicious classic.

Get Fraîche


Arugula and Prosciutto Pizza

Alexandra's Kitchen

This pizza is baked with a smear of crème fraîche and a layer of mozzarella, then topped with prosciutto and arugula out of the oven. It's very simple and very delicious.

Alternative Pizza Crust

No flour or yeast? Swap regular pizza dough for easy substitutes. Use flatbread, naan, biscuit dough, tortilla wraps as a vessel to hold your pizza toppings.

Three's Company


Three Cheese Spinach Pesto Pizza

Lemons and Basil

This Three Cheese Spinach Pesto Pizza is an absolute favorite in our house, so much flavor combined with wholesome goodness!

Mushroom for Improvement


Grilled Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Picture The Recipe

Here's a great summer recipe that is perfect for grilling season and large family gatherings. It’s a healthier, gluten-free and an optionally vegetarian dish that’s perfect for the grill.

Dish on This


Pizza Pasta Bake

Pip & Ebby

A pizza, pasta dish and casserole all in one! This is such a popular meal that you can't go wrong with this as a delicious dinner!

Flatbread in a Flash


Quick Flatbread Mini Pizzas

Bon AIPpetit

This Quick Flatbread Mini Pizzas is great when you need healthy food fast. They only take about 20 minutes from start to finish, and making them with fresh ingredients can actually be good for you and your family!

Breakfast of Champions


Cheesy Biscuit Breakfast Pizzas

Buy This Cook That

These Cheesy Biscuit Breakfast Pizzas are loaded with all of the usual breakfast suspects: eggs, cheese, and sausage. And a few fresh ingredients to make it a breakfast pizza party. This the best breakfast pizza recipe to serve for lazy mornings, fun holiday brunch, sleepovers, and…tomorrow morning.

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