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How to Make Preserves

Jellies, Chutneys, and Pickles. Home canning is an excellent way to preserve produce and enjoy seasonal fruits all year long.
Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.
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Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.

Pepper Jelly

Pepper jelly is a preserve made with peppers, sugar, and salt in a pectin or vinegar base more commonly used in the South.

It can be put in sandwiches or served on cream cheese for a cracker spread or used to make pepper jelly desserts.

Stored pepper jelly in a cool, dark space such as a pantry will have an 18 month to 2-year shelf life.

Hot Spot

Homemade Hot Pepper Jelly
A Fork's Tale

Beautiful and sweet with a little heat. This classic jelly is perfect on top of cream cheese or goat cheese. It also makes a great glaze for a pork tenderloin, hot wings, or salmon.

So Jelly

Hot Pepper Jelly
Pip & Ebby

Slather this delicious jelly all over crackers, toast or even a sandwich!

Orange Citrus Suprise

Orange and Pepper Jelly
Wok & Skillet

Orange and Pepper Jelly is a unique, tasty blend of orange marmalade with red pepper jelly. It's the best of both worlds. Add a habanero pepper for a spicy kick!


Traditional chutney is a sauce that originated in India. The ingredients typically include a combination of fruits and vegetables, along with herbs and spices that create a sweet and spicy flavor.

Dip and Dive

Spicy Green Chutney
Candid Appetite

This spicy chutney is perfect for a dipping sauce for samosas or other snacks!

Give Mango a Go-Go

Ginger Mango Chutney
wholly deliciousness!

This Vegan Ginger Mango Chutney has such a unique flavor; it's the perfect sauce to make any vegan dish a favorite! Adjust the cayenne for your desired spiciness.

Dressed to Impress

Curried Apple Walnut Chutney
Garlic & Zest

Dress up a plain jane pork chop or chicken breast with a scoop or two of this heavenly chutney!

Pickled Veggies

Make those fresh veggies last by pickling them and adding them to your favorite recipes.

Tomato, To-Mah-toe

Pickled Tomatoes
Chef's Opinion

How can you improve a perfect tomato? By pickling it! Any salad, sandwich or any other dish that contains tomatoes will get an extra punch of flavor from these pickled ones.

Seeing Red

Easy Pickled Red Onions
By Gabriella

Use pickled red onions on all kinds of things – veggie burgers, lettuce wraps, pumpkin (or sweet potato) tostadas, and of course, tacos.

Pickling Fusion

Vietnamese Pickled Carrots (Đồ Chua)

These Vietnamese Pickled Carrots (Đồ Chua) will add a sweet and sour crunch to any dish! The fermentation process will naturally give you the sour taste, so it's worth sticking to this traditional method to get the most nutritional value and benefit.

Keen as Mustard

Gajar nu Athanu (Indian Pickled Carrots)
Milk & Cardamom

A tangy and spicy Indian pickled carrot recipe made with split mustard seeds! This Gajar nu Athanu recipe simple, quick and easy!

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