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Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

Nutritious, delicious, and oh-so-pretty, smoothie bowls became a hit for a reason. Plus, with your beautiful breakfast contained in a single dish, clean-up is made even easier.
Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.
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Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.

Rise and Dine

Start your morning off right with these scoopable treats, topped with all sorts of healthy goodies, like fruits, granola, and coconut. So many vitamins packed into one bowl!

Post-Workout Pick Me Up

Strawberry Fig Smoothie Bowl
The Fit Mediterranean

Creamy, sweet, and packed with protein, this strawberry and fig smoothie bowl is great for after the gym. It will refuel your muscles and recharge your energy level!

Berry Healthy

Blueberry Breakfast Bowl with Granola
Lemons and Basil

This Vegan Blueberry Breakfast Bowl combines smoothie, granola, fresh fruit, and peanut butter all in one vibrant bowl of nutritious goodness!

Acai What You Did There

Açai Bowl
Healthy Laura

Acai bowls have become one of those “millennial” breakfasts that almost every health junkie likes, and for good reason. The benefits of acai powder are endless. It’s high in antioxidants, boosts skin health, and improves focus and memory.

Keep it Simple

Breakfast Bowl with Granola
Healthy Laura

This breakfast is full of all the vitamins and minerals that you need to get through the day!

Tooty Fruity

Blueberry and Banana Pinole Smoothie Bowl
Purely Pinole

This smoothie bowl is whipped up in a matter of seconds and then topped with delicious toasted coconut flakes and berries. It has an extra boost of antioxidants and vitamins wrapped in delicious fruit accents.

Island Life

Super Green Tropical Smoothie Bowl
Proportional Plate

This Super Green Tropical Smoothie Bowl does the double duty of keeping you healthy and making you feel like you’re on vacation!

Overnight Oats

Blood Orange and Blackberry Granola Oat Bowls
Climbing Grier Mountain

Blood Orange and Blackberry Granola Oat Bowls are the perfect way to start the day! Easy overnight oats get topped with honey, granola, blood oranges, blackberries, and toasted coconut. You’ll want to dive right in!

DIY Yogurt

Berries Homemade Flavored Yogurt
Al Dente Gourmet

Perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, this yogurt is incredibly easy and super delicious, plus much more nutritious than the flavored yogurts sold in the supermarket.


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