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Stranger Things: 6 Classic Dishes from the 80s

We’ve got an assortment of nostalgic recipes from the 80s, sure to bring back memories of childhood, TV dinners, and food trends past.
Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.
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Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.

Blast from the Past

Stranger Things is a popular TV show set in the 1980s, when sci-fi was still a thing. Well, what about the food?

Sloppy Joes

They're meaty, messy, and so much fun to eat. Sloppy Joes have won their place in American cuisine, and we even have a vegetarian version so everyone can enjoy!


Sloppy Mushroom Joes w/ Rosemary Honey Goat Cheese

Climbing Grier Mountain

For meat lovers everywhere, this Joe is SUPER satisfying. Topped with a little rosemary honey goat cheese, it is definitely cafeteria lunch lady approved.


Vegetarian Lentil Sloppy Joes

Lemons and Basil

These Vegetarian Lentil Sloppy Joes will delight even the most zealous carnivores in your family!


Asian-Style Sloppy Joes

Funny Love Blog

Regular old American sloppy Joes are fine, but...lettuce wraps with crunchy toppings and deep spicy flavor soaked up by a squishy bun. You can't miss with that sentence!

Pizza Rolls

A good pizza roll makes kids and adults alike want nothing more than to curl up in front of the TV and finish the whole package.


Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

30 Pounds of Apples

You might think that pizza rolls are just one of those things that can only be purchased in the freezer section, compliments of food scientists and packaging specialists. But no! You can make your own, and they are even better than their freezer-burned counterparts.

Eggo Waffles

We'll never l'eggo our Eggo, because this yummy breakfast treat is a lifetime classic.


Waffle Biscuits

Betty's Kitchen

These are easy and fun biscuits to make. To top it off, they're absolutely delicious!

Tri-Color Pasta

Mom always said that a colorful meal was a healthy meal, so bring a pop to your plate with the classic tri-color pasta.


Habanero Sweet Potato Pasta

Savory Tooth

This Habanero Sweet Potato Pasta adds some color and nutrition to your dinner, plus a nice spicy kick!


Insanely Good Pasta

Savory Tooth

This is a ridiculously good pasta salad that anyone can make. It’s simple and easy, with only 3 steps and one pot! The finished result is a cold, hearty pasta that’s full of healthy vegetables like fresh bell peppers, sliced black olives, and grape tomatoes.


Name one dish that doesn't get better with pesto. We'll wait...


Basil Walnut Pesto

Garlic & Zest

A simple pesto with a kick of red pepper!


Pea and Pistachio Pesto


Peas, mint, and lemon meld together with pistachios and olive oil into a vibrant and refreshing spread that you will literally want to eat with everything!


Thai Sweet Basil Pesto

Richard Smith

A variation on traditional pesto, using Thai basil, sesame oil, and other ingredients, giving it a slightly anise flavor.

Cajun Seafood

No one does comfort food (or seafood) like Louisiana. When you're looking to sink into a food coma for the evening, these are the dishes to do it.


Cajun Calamari


With a special seasoning to give it a Cajun kick, this calamari is delicious!


Surf n' Turf Pimento Burger with Cajun Remoulade

Climbing Grier Mountain

Charleston Crabcake on top of a burger with Fresh Vegetable Remoulade sauce and a side of salty, crispy fries. Yum!

Don't Be a Stranger

So, next time you sit down for a nostalgic rerun of Stranger Things, cook up one of these classics. And come back to SideChef soon for even more delicious recipes!

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