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Sunday Brunch Classics

Spice up your Sunday mornings with these brunch dishes that will make your table almost as beautiful as it is delicious!
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Benedict of the Doubt


Eggs Benedict with Grilled Asparagus

Where Your Treasure Is

A lemony, buttery sauce over eggs, asparagus, Canadian bacon, and English muffins makes this dish the most wonderful way to eat eggs...ever.

Burgers for Breakfast


Pesto Breakfast Burger

Fork vs Spoon

Who said burgers were for dinner? When piled high with bacon and a delicate fried egg, then smashed between a toasted English muffin, they are just begging to be eaten for breakfast.

Southern Hospitality


BBQ Pulled Pork Waffles

Pressure Cook Recipes

Buttery waffles that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, stuffed with creamy cheese bits and smoky BBQ pulled pork. These sweet and savory waffles are delicious 'til the very last bite!

I'm Finnished


Finnish Pancake

Noshing with the Nolands

No standing over the griddle required! This oven-baked skillet pancake puffs up in the middle and then collapses, so it is perfect to fill with fresh berries.

Mediterranean Flavors


Mediterranean Poached Egg on Toast

Well Worn Fork

Take your eggs Benedict to Italy with a sun-dried tomato spread, crispy pancetta, and a delicious pesto sauce that all help you kick off your day with a flavorful start.

All-Star Ingredients


Healthy Bean Quinoa Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs

Climbing Grier Mountain

The whole point of the chilaquiles is the sauce--tomatoes, garlic, onion, and chipotle adobo peppers, all simmered together and then tossed with tortilla chips, quinoa, black beans, and fried eggs for good measure.

The South Does it Best


Southern Style Chicken and Waffles

Garlic & Zest

If you like buttermilk fried chicken tenders and cornmeal waffles, then this recipe for Southern-Style Chicken and Waffles is for you! It doesn't get more straightforward (or delicious) than crunchy chicken strips and crisp-tender waffles!

Go Gourmet


Zucchini Fritters with Poached Eggs

Lemons and Basil

Start the day with a gourmet breakfast of poached eggs and smoked salmon on crunchy zucchini fritters.

Flipping Out


Strawberry Granola Pancakes

Jeanie and Lulu's Kitchen

Incredible maple pecan granola gives your usual pancakes fantastic texture and flavor. These are packed with nutritious goodies!

Bollywood Breakfast


Masala-Style Baked Eggs in Purgatory

Feed Me Phoebe

This eggs in purgatory recipe gets a little Bollywood makeover with some garam masala, cumin, and coconut milk. It's a delicious vegetarian weeknight dinner, or a fast yet sassy brunch for two.

Hash Things Out


Corn & Bacon Hash

30 Pounds of Apples

Yummy corn joins a few other mid-summer veggies (and bacon, of course) to make an incredibly flavorful hash.

Comfort Food


Croque-Monsieur With Poached Eggs (Croque-Madame)

Alexandra's Kitchen

There's no better way to cure that comfort food craving than with this béchamel-slicked toast layered with black forest ham, gruyère cheese, and oozing poached eggs. This is one of those things where a little of everything--a tablespoon of béchamel, a slice of ham, a handful of cheese--goes a long way.

Layer Up


Avocado Baked Eggs with Pico de Gallo

Jenessa Gerber

A vegetarian breakfast full of yummy layers--an egg baked inside of an avocado and topped off with fresh pico de gallo salsa.

California Dreamin'


California Egg in the Hole Sandwiches

Olga's Flavor Factory

This is a great combination of crunchy, toasted bread, fried egg, crisp, salty bacon, refreshing tomatoes, and creamy avocado. It really is a winner and doesn’t take too long to make either!

The Most Apeeling Pancakes


Classic Banana Pancakes

Once Upon A Chef

Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and delicately flavored with bananas and vanilla...these are phenomenal banana pancakes.

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