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Keto-Friendly Picnic Foods

Classic picnic fare can be delicious, but for those on the Keto diet, the classic menu of sandwiches and fruit salads won’t do.
Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.
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Created from scratch in the SideChef Kitchen, where recipe inspiration and ingredient experimentation are a way of life.

Picnic Lover

The days are finally getting long and warm. What better way to celebrate than with a picnic on the fresh green grass? Here are 14 delicious ideas that will kick up the flavor without getting kicked out of ketosis. Some of the recipes call for some "non-keto" ingredients, like sugar, but just substitute for stevia or another natural sweetener and you're set!

Party Platter


Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers


Tomato-mozzarella salad epitomizes summer living, Italian-style, and putting it on a stick is simply an easier way for a crowd to enjoy it. It also ensures the perfect ratio of cheese to tomato to basil. And if you want to continue counting up its virtues, this dish is gluten-free and vegetarian. Truly a crowd-pleaser.



Pan-Fried Artichokes & Cilantro Mayo

Simple. Tasty. Good.

Yummy appetizer or savory side dish? Either way, you will love these Pan-Fried Artichokes & Cilantro Mayo!

Put a Wing on It


Baked Chicken Wings

StreetSmart Kitchen

Mouthwatering Baked Chicken Wings with crispy skin that locks in the smoky, cumin flavor and much more. Even better, these only take 10 minutes of hands-on time!

Pocketful of Sunshine


Baked Zucchini Pockets

The Fit Mediterranean

You can make this simple, quick, and healthy recipe ahead of time and just heat it up when ready to serve. It's a great dish to have at a dinner with friends or for a weekly meal with your family.

Crowd Pleaser


Smoked Salmon Salad

Vincenzo's Plate

A colorful Smoked Salmon Salad combining the crunch of black olives with the zest of fresh lemon juice. This is the perfect antipasto platter to start off a big seafood menu.

Super Salad


Niçoise Salad

Gather & Feast

This recipe is jam-packed with lots of goodies...fresh tomatoes, tinned tuna, hard-boiled eggs, olives, anchovies, cooked kipfler potatoes, and green beans. It's a meal in itself, and perfect for lunches, picnics, and large gatherings.

Go Green


Salmon Goat Cheese Warm Greens Salad

Cotter Crunch

This Warm Greens Salad with smoked salmon and goat cheese will satisfy your tastebuds and nourish your body! It's low-carb and packed full of healthy fats and protein.

Warm Weather Favorite


Summer Salad with Avocado, Corn and Grilled Shrimp

Domesticate Me

Summer Salad tastes exactly as it sounds…like summer. Packed with baby lettuce, grilled sweet corn, juicy cherry tomatoes, and buttery avocado, this salad is light, bright, and full of fresh flavor.

Fresh is Best


Zucchini Basil Spring Rolls

Girl Eats Greens

Zucchini, yellow squash, basil, and pea shoots all go perfectly together for a fresh and healthy lunch.

Float My Boat


Bolognese Cucumber Boat


These Bolognese Cucumber Boats make the perfect nutritious meal, topped with probiotic-rich fermented veggies for a superboost of goodness.

Devil's in the Details


Deviled Eggs Four Ways

Messy Kitchen Happy Belly

Deviled Eggs are the perfect example of simple things made fancy. Still, they are super low-maintenance--able to be made ahead of time, relatively inexpensive, and easy and fun to experiment with.

One-Pan Wonder


Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Cranberries

Savory Tooth

Not only is this dish so delicious and perfect for holidays, but it also cooks up super easily in just one pan.

Broc 'N Roll


Healthy Broccoli Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Get Inspired Everyday!

The flavors in this Broccoli Salad are bright and refreshing, yet comfortingly creamy at the same time.


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