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12 Interesting Ways to Cook Eggs for Breakfast When You Are Bored

Eggs are the first ingredient we associate with breakfast. If you are tired of the traditional ways to cook eggs for breakfast, try these exciting recipes to elevate your egg cooking game!
12 Interesting Ways to Cook Eggs for Breakfast When You Are Bored
12 Interesting Ways to Cook Eggs for Breakfast When You Are Bored
Anna at SideChef
Hi, I'm Anna! I love bringing amazing tasty recipes for you from the SideChef HQ in Shanghai.
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Anna at SideChef
Hi, I'm Anna! I love bringing amazing tasty recipes for you from the SideChef HQ in Shanghai.

Eggs are breakfast ingredient number one for many of us. It’s easy to cook, super nutritious, and incredibly versatile. You can’t go wrong with a perfectly cooked scramble or pairing a couple of fried eggs with bacon for breakfast.

If you are tired of all the classic ways to make breakfast with eggs, check out these twelve delicious recipe ideas and make your egg breakfasts enjoyable again.

1. Make Huevos Ahogados aka Mexican Drowned Eggs

Huevos ahogados means “drowned eggs” in Spanish. It’s a simple Mexican breakfast dish when eggs are “drowned” and cooked in a flavorful tomato and cilantro salsa.
This salsa poached egg recipe is super easy to make, and the fresh flavors of tomatoes, cilantro, and habanero peppers will help you start your day the right way.

2. Turn Your Eggs Into Volcanos

This egg recipe is not only delicious but also incredibly fun! Equally loved by kids and adults, egg volcanos is a fantastic way to change up your egg-based breakfasts.

The “volcano” made from stiffly beaten egg whites is placed onto a base of crunchy buttery toast, and the crater on top is formed using the yolk and some grated cheese.

3. Bake Your Eggs and Ham Inside Bread Rolls

Upgrade the boring bread rolls by filling them with a delicious mix of ham, cheese, and eggs. This recipe is a great way to fancy it up and make a super quick and easy egg dish in 20 minutes.

4. Spice Up Eggs in Purgatory With Garam Masala

Eggs in purgatory is an egg dish from Italy very similar to Middle Eastern shakshuka. This version of the famous egg dish got a bit of an Indian makeover made with garam masala, cumin, and coconut milk.

5. Bake Delicious Eggs With Thyme

This is an elegant but easy egg recipe idea for breakfast or brunch. All you need is a ramekin or any other type of a small ovenproof bowl, dried thyme, butter, and eggs. And you are free to use any other dried herb you like.

6. Poach an Egg and Make a Croque Madame

If you ever wondered what is the difference between a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame, here it is:
Croque Monsieur is a delicious ham and cheese sandwich that originated in France.
Top a Croque Monsieur with a delicate poached egg and you got yourself a Croque Madame.

7. Make Famous North-African Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a popular egg dish in North Africa and the Middle East. It uses simple staple ingredients and is easy to make. The eggs are poached in a tomato-based sauce with fragrant onion, garlic, and cumin.

8. Try This Pasta Mushroom Frittata

This mushroom frittata with added cheesy tortellini is next-level delicious. It will make a fantastic egg-based breakfast you are guaranteed to enjoy.

9. Make Eggs en Cocotte

Don’t let this fancy name scare you. Eggs en cocotte (also known as shirred eggs) are simply baked in the oven in a water bath; they come out soft, delicate, and delicious. Gove this simple French breakfast a try.

10. Have an Easy Sheet Pan Egg Pizza for Breakfast

You can never go wrong with a pizza dish. And this sheet pan egg pizza can be both a fantastic breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast idea.

11. Prepare Your Eggs in a Jar

If you have a few mason jars lying around, use them to make your breakfast eggs. It’s easy to make these ahead and perfect to have as a protein-packed breakfast on the go.

12. Make Sweet Chinese-Style Egg Tarts

If you like eggy custardy desserts, these amazing Chinese-style egg tarts should be your next weekend baking project. They are easy to make, and you can refrigerate for a few days and have them with your morning coffee on weekdays.

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