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18 Latin American Desserts You Can Easily Make Today

Spice up your day with amazing Latin American desserts like Arroz con Leche, sweet empanadas, delicate polvorones, churros, and more! Make some new interesting desserts and bring Latin America into your kitchen.
18 Latin American Desserts You Can Easily Make Today
18 Latin American Desserts You Can Easily Make Today
Anna at SideChef
Content Creator. Bitten by curiosity bug. Obsessed with words. Fuelled by coffee. Powered by Google. Love cheese, chocolate, and cherries. Don’t judge your taco by its price.
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Anna at SideChef
Content Creator. Bitten by curiosity bug. Obsessed with words. Fuelled by coffee. Powered by Google. Love cheese, chocolate, and cherries. Don’t judge your taco by its price.

Mexican and Latin American cuisine is so much more than tacos and arepas. If you haven’t tried the amazing variety of desserts from Latin countries, you are missing out in a major way!

Where does most of the world’s cane sugar supply come from? South America! The whole region has a serious sweet tooth! Latin American desserts are incredibly versatile and delicious!

From everybody’s favorite Mexican churros and delicate chocoflan to dulce de leche lava cakes and pumpkin empanadas - all the Latin-inspired dessert recipes you can easily make yourself are right here!

Polvorones: Mexican Wedding Cookies

If you ask anyone from Mexico, they will tell you that these cookies are not associated explicitly with weddings but are indeed incredibly popular.

These delicate buttery cookies melt in your mouth and cannot be easier to prepare.

Everything Churros

Churros is the number one Mexican dessert you can probably think of. The crunchy sugary fritters sprinkled with cinnamon and served with chocolate sauce are an absolute classic. You can easily make churros in your own kitchen in only 30 minutes! A must-have dessert for Taco Tuesday!

Churro Inspired Macarons

If you love fusion desserts, give these churro-flavored macarons a try. Delicate nutty macaron topped with cinnamon sugar and filled with dulce de leche and caramel buttercream - it’s beyond delicious!

Churro Skillet Cookie

This is not a churro shaped like a cookie. This is not a cookie that just happens to have cinnamon in it. This is a perfect hybrid of a churro and a cookie. It has a warm, cinnamon cookie texture with a crunchy sugary outside that really brings the whole experience full circle.

Chocolate Churro Flavored Popcorn

When you are simultaneously hit with a chocolate craving and a cinnamony, crunchy churro craving, popcorn will fit the bill in the form of this simple yet decadent recipe. This Chocolate Churro Popcorn will be your next movie date night fave or chilly night snack.

The Creamy Versatile Flan

Creamy, silky, and smooth-flan is one of everyone’s favorite Latin American desserts. You only need simple staple ingredients like milk, eggs, and sugar. Flan does not require you to have some superb cooking skills, and you can easily experiment with flavors too.

Easy Pressure Cooker Flan

If you are a lucky owner of a pressure cooker, then you can make a decadent caramel flan in 20 minutes! Just let it chill in the refrigerator overnight. It tastes better the next day.

Chocoflan - the Impossible Mexican Chocolate Cake

Chocoflan is the legendary magical Mexican chocolate cake. If you have not tried this one yet, now is the time!

Dulce de Leche Desserts

The magnificent caramel sauce famous in Latin America and worldwide - Dulce de Leche can make any dessert better. It’s so good you could (you shouldn’t, though) eat it with a spoon!

You can easily make dulce de leche at home. You will need canned sweetened condensed milk, a saucepan, water, and some patience (it will take a few hours).

How to Make Dulce de Leche

  1. Remove the label from the sweetened condensed milk can.

  2. Place the can into a deep saucepan and fill it with water (the can should be fully submerged).

  3. Bring the water to a boil and lower the heat to simmer.

  4. Cook the condensed milk for 2-3 hours, depending on how thick you prefer it.

Make sure to keep an eye on the cans and add water if needed to keep them completely submerged.

You can also make a vegan version of Dulce de Leche; simply follow our recipe here.

Dulce de Leche Lava Cake

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Mexican Sweet Bread - Pan Dulce

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con Leche is a traditional Latin American dessert made with rice, milk, spices, and sugar. If you like pudding, then this recipe is for you. Feel free to add an extra cinnamon stick and some raising to it.

Sweet Pumpkin Puree Empanadas

Dessert empanadas with sweet pumpkin filling.

Horchata Popsicles

Creamy popsicles made to taste just like horchata the drink! A creamy and cinnamon rice drink made into a delicious frozen treat with all the great flavors of the traditional drink.

Cocadas - Mexican Coconut Candy

Only ​​three ingredients (you will need Dulce de Leche for these) and 20 minutes, and you will find yourself enjoying these chewy, sweet coconut heavenly treats.

Bizcocho Dominicano

Dominican cake is both moist and airy, covered in meringue frosting. This authentic recipe calls for guava paste filling, but you can use any fruity puree or make it with Dulce de Leche.

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