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19 Heavenly Chocolate Desserts to Make When you Are Tired of Cake

Looking for a change from the usual cake-based desserts? Check out these delicious chocolate recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth!
19 Heavenly Chocolate Desserts to Make When you Are Tired of Cake
19 Heavenly Chocolate Desserts to Make When you Are Tired of Cake
Anna at SideChef
Content Creator. Bitten by curiosity bug. Obsessed with words. Fuelled by coffee. Powered by Google. Love cheese, chocolate, and cherries. Don’t judge your taco by its price.
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Anna at SideChef
Content Creator. Bitten by curiosity bug. Obsessed with words. Fuelled by coffee. Powered by Google. Love cheese, chocolate, and cherries. Don’t judge your taco by its price.

Are you tired of making the same old boring cake for dessert? Why not try something new and delicious instead? These 19 heavenly chocolate desserts are perfect for when you want something sweet but don't feel like baking a cake. From ice cream to pudding to brownies, there is sure to be a recipe here that will tempt your taste buds. So go ahead and indulge yourself – these chocolate treats are worth it!

Homemade Chocolate Cups

Do you love chocolate? Do you also like creative desserts? These homemade chocolate cups are easy to make and even more delicious to eat. Just fill them with your favorite treat and enjoy every sweet morsel. Let the guilty pleasures commence!

Chocolate Souffle

This Chocolate Souffle recipe is the perfect way to impress your guests! This delicious foolproof souffle recipe is not as difficult to make as you think - it’s the ideal dessert for any occasion.

Oven-Baked Chocolate Donuts

Oven-Baked Chocolate Donuts are a delicious alternative to the traditional deep-fried donut. Simply combine flour, sugar, butter, milk, and cocoa to make the batter. Add some love and dip in a decadent chocolate ganache; these donuts will keep everyone happy - give it a go!

Chocolate Banoffee Pies

These pies are like a party in your mouth! A delicious chocolate crust filled with a creamy banoffee center and topped with rich chocolate ganache, they’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Make them for your friends and family.

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Chocolate and hazelnut lovers rejoice! These truffles are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. These truffles will leave you wanting more with a rich chocolate flavor and a crunchy hazelnut center. Plus, they're easy to make at home - perfect for when the craving strikes.

Chocolate Hazelnut Affogato

Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert. Think of Chocolate Hazelnut Affogato as an adult ice cream float. Instead of fizzy pop poured over ice cream, you have hot bold espresso laced with Frangelico liqueur. Gently melting and swirling with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and toasted hazelnuts. Incredibly easy and oh so good.

Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Chocolate-covered banana popsicles? Count us in! This easy step-by-step recipe is perfect for a fun dessert. Plus, the chocolate and bananas make a delicious combination. Try these tasty treats today!

Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding

You will find everything you want in a dessert in this recipe for triple chocolate bread pudding. You get a bite of the rich creaminess from the bottom of the dish combined with the crunchy top, chocolate chips half-melted, and the most KILLER chocolate sauce to top it off.

Korean Milk Chocolate Pudding

There's nothing quite as comforting as a chocolate pudding, especially when it's packed with spicy goodness! Our Korean Milk Chocolate Pudding is made with gochujang sauce, a traditional Korean chili paste, for a uniquely delicious flavor you won't find anywhere else. So why not try something new and exciting today? Indulge in the best of both worlds with our chocolatey treat!

Chocolate Ravioli Hearts

These Chocolate Ravioli Hearts are the perfect date night dessert for chocolate lovers! With a soft, creamy, chocolatey center, these will make your sweetheart swoon.

Classic Hot Chocolate

This Parisian hot chocolate recipe is perfect for warming up on a cold winter day. It's easy to make, and it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So why not give it a try? You will be surprised at how delicious it is!

Nutella Pancakes

Nutella Pancakes Recipe: the perfect breakfast for chocolate lovers. These fluffy pancakes are loaded with Nutella and make a delicious, indulgent breakfast. This easy recipe will have you enjoying fluffy pancakes in no time!

Poached Pears in Chocolate Sauce

Poached pears are a classic dessert, but they become unique with our raspberry chocolate sauce recipe. The rich flavor of black lager pairs perfectly with the sweetness of chocolate and the tartness of the raspberry. It’s a perfect date night dessert that will wow your sweetheart.

Salted Chocolate Pudding

This Salted Chocolate and Roasted Fig Pudding recipe is the perfect dessert for any special occasion! It's fancy but easy to make - and your guests will love it. The chocolate and fig together are an ideal pairing, and the salt adds a delicious contrast.

Apple Cider Donuts with Chocolate Bourbon Glaze

Are you looking for a unique and delicious fall recipe? This our Cider Doughnuts with Tahini Chocolate Bourbon Glaze recipe is simple, and the flavors are right. The glaze takes these doughnuts to a whole new level.

Homemade Vegan Nutella

Looking for a delicious spread that's perfect for lazy mornings and snacking? Try Hazelnut Chocolate Date Spread! This vegan-friendly spread is just like Nutella but without the dairy. It's perfect on toast, fruit, or by the spoonful!

Low Carb Chocolate Tiramisu

There is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy tiramisu! Our low-carb and low-fat recipe is perfect for anyone watching their carbs. Plus, it's packed with antioxidants from chocolate and coffee. So indulge guilt-free!

Chocolate Martini

This martini is sure to please chocolate lovers everywhere! It's made with only five ingredients and takes just five minutes to make, so it's the perfect last-minute party drink.

Boozy Chocolate Milkshake

Sometimes you need a break from all the serious drinks. That's where our boozy chocolate milkshake comes in! This delicious drink is perfect for any occasion, whether you're celebrating or just looking for something tasty to relax with. So why not try something new today? Treat yourself to a boozy chocolate milkshake!

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