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Our Favorite Shellfish Recipes

Seafood is for sharing, so bring a bit of the ocean into your kitchen with this collection of shellfish recipes!
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Steamed Clams with Chorizo, Tomatoes and Kale
Feed Me Phoebe

The fresh briny clams and smoky chorizo give you an incredibly flavorful stock without having to slave over a simmering pot all day. And the addition of the starch and veggies (and maybe a little crusty bread on the side, for the hedonists) make the dish a perfectly balanced one-pot meal.

Spanish Specialty

Spanish Paella and Clams with Chorizo and Shrimp

From the eastern coast of sunny Spain comes this vibrant regional specialty that’s certain to impress! Named after the two-handled pan it is traditionally cooked in, paella gets its unique kick from smoky paprika and Spanish chorizo. Here, “fruits of the sea” are combined with tender rice.

Don't Take it for Gratin

Three Cheese Oyster Gratin
Lady and Pups

This gratin is so delicious thanks to the sweet oysters that release their juices to blend with the cheesy pool of joy under a golden and bubbly crust. Serve with pieces of crusty sourdough.

The World is Your Oyster

Grilled Oysters with Chipotle Bourbon Butter
Feed Me Phoebe

The addictive chipotle bourbon butter is adapted from Hog Island Oyster Co., which serves legendary grilled oysters at their outpost in Tomales Bay. You can easily make these under the broiler at home if you don't own a grill.

Rice to Meet You

Jumbo Scallops with Wild Mushroom Risotto

This risotto is a simple dish with a huge impact. It begins with chunks of earthy portobello and shiitake mushrooms and is finished with a drizzle of fragrant truffle-infused oil, taking this hearty Wild Mushroom Risotto to the next level.

Stir the Pot

Asparagus and Shrimp Stir-Fry with Farro
Fork vs Spoon

Serve this hot for a quick and healthy weeknight meal. Then eat it cold the next day as a cold farro salad in the lunchroom, surrounded by drooling coworkers who wish you had made extra.

The Devil is in the Details

Buffalo Shrimp Deviled Eggs
Simple. Tasty. Good.

For an appetizer, snack, or lunch, these buffalo shrimp deviled eggs are a-mazing! That creamy egg yolk filling and the spicy prawns are a match made in heaven.

Party Platter

Avocado Toast with Charred Tomato & Garlic Shrimp
Domesticate Me

With a little organization, you can pull this off in about 20 minutes, and it is worth every single second. Plus, these toasts can be eaten any time of day, and they’re definitely impressive enough to serve to guests.

Lobster Lover

Lobster Shells and Cheese
Garlic & Zest

Every bite tastes like a briny, windswept summer afternoon on the Maine coast.

Don't Clam Up

Asian Stir-Fried Clams
Wok & Skillet

Asian Stir-Fried Clams make for a simple but incredibly flavorful meal. The combination of some common Chinese cooking ingredients really elevates the flavor of this wonderful shellfish.

Spice of Life

Spicy Korean Clam Chowder
Lady and Pups

This dish is everything a real clam chowder should be--salty pork fat, rich, thick body, soft chunks of potato, and plenty of unchopped bits of clam throughout. Plus, it is seasoned with miso paste and gochujang to give it a sustaining heat!

We're Cookin' Here!

New England Clam Chowder with Sourdough Bowls

Few things are more welcome than a hearty bowl of New England Clam Chowder. The flavor of this quintessential creamy soup with tender chunks of potatoes, salty bits of bacon, sweet corn, and briny clams is delicate and mild.

Endless Pastabilities

Whole Wheat Linguine & Red Clam Sauce
The FareTrade

The most difficult part of this recipe is boiling the water, so give it a try!

People Pleaser

Cheesy Maryland Crab Dip
Vodka & Biscuits

Every bite of this dip is loaded with crab and cheesy deliciousness. It takes only minutes to throw together with its minimal ingredients, making it a must-have at your next party.

Backyard BBQ

Smoked Blue Crab
How to BBQ Right

Eating crabs is a social thing, so there is no better time to whip some up than when you are having a backyard BBQ. This Smoked Blue Crab gives a whole new meaning to surf and turf!

Two Claws Up

Stone Crab Claws with Cilantro Butter
Simple. Tasty. Good.

Gorgeous plump Stone Crab Claws in a buttery cilantro sauce make a great seafood dinner!

Don't Be Crabby

Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs

You won't believe how easy it is to steam these Alaskan King Crab Legs.

'Round the Clock

Siu Mai

Siu Mai is a type of dim sum that is traditionally eaten for breakfast, but it's so delicious that they now also serve it during lunch hours!

Gaga for Gumbo

Creole Gumbo

This gumbo is absolutely the best you will ever have. The seafood stock and base both add fantastic flavor to the dish!

Maryland Mac

Maryland Crab Mac & Cheese
Vodka & Biscuits

Give this dish a Maryland twist with lump crab meat and a surprise crumble on top! No matter which cheese, noodle, or crumble you use, your mac and cheese will be the bomb if you follow this formula.

Seeing Red

Borsch Soup with Prawns
Campbell's China

With beets, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes, this recipe is great for gardeners and veggie lovers alike. Not only is it delicious, but its bright crimson color is also eye-catching on the table.


Stir Fried Eggs, Prawns and Tomatoes
Anncoo Journal

Kids will definitely love to eat this eggy dish!

Healthy Alternative

Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps

These Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps are a wonderfully healthy and fresh alternative to deep-fried spring rolls. Gone are the days of slaving around a pot of hot oil. Instead, say hello to the days of making these healthy and incredibly quick rolls.

Shrimply Delicious

Tamarind Shrimp (Malaysian Assam Prawns)
Wok & Skillet

This is a Malaysian Nyonya dish that is so easy to prepare and yet delivers huge flavor. The sweet, sour, and savory flavors of tamarind pair so well with the shrimp. Best of all, it’s ridiculously easy to prepare with only four ingredients!

Curry Favor

Prawn Curry with Green Mango
Jeanie and Lulu's Kitchen

This prawn and mango curry is an Indian specialty made when mangoes are in season. The raw mangoes impart a light, tangy flavor to the dish. Absolutely amazing!

Aw, Shucks

Chargrilled Oysters
How to BBQ Right

If you’re a fan of Chargrilled Oysters, this recipe is for you. This treat will take you right to the coast!

Rollin' with the Punches

Sriracha Lobster Rolls
Garlic & Zest

The best way to enjoy these luxurious sandwiches is sitting poolside in your bathing suit with kettle chips and an ice-cold beer.

Surf and Turf

Steak and Tangerine Lobster

Hard to beat a "Surf and Turf" meal! Learn how to grill lobster as well as some thick-cut cowboy steaks, featuring the new "Not Ketchup" Tangerine & Hatch Chile sauce.

The Perfect Pair

Lobster Risotto
Jeanie and Lulu's Kitchen

This Lobster Risotto combines briny, garlicky lobster and creamy rice for such a gorgeous pairing!

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